Tourism, health care and education top on young Chinese people’s 2021 consumption list: survey

A Chinese youths’ consumption expectation list revealed by CCTV showed the sectors of tourism, health care and education ranked the top three places in the chart.

According to the survey, more than one third of youths born in or after 1995 showed their great interests to explore the world. What’s more, people in other age period also have the same passion of travel and the demands in tourism market may increase significantly.

The health care sector ranked the second place in the list. The survey showed that about 33.27 percent of interviewees will increase their expenditure in health care sector in 2021 including buying healthy foods and quarantine materials, vaccination and keeping fit by sports, a year-on-year increase of 7.5 percentage points.

The third-ranked sector is education. More youths prefer to acquire knowledge and develop themselves. They usually focus on improving their education background and then learning more professional skills, said the survey.

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