Zhejiang conducts risk survey in production to curb serious accidents

Safety needs to be tightened at all times. On April 29th, Zhejiang held a safety promotion conference to further strengthen the prevention of serious accidents and elimination of hidden risks in fishery operations, and assign tasks for a general survey of production risks.

2021 will be a significant year for safety production in our province. At the beginning of the year, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government set up 8 key areas for accident prevention in road traffic, fisheries, fire protection, hazardous chemicals, construction, mining, urban operation and tourism, so as to strongly promote safety production relying on special actualized operation. All local places will expand the key areas according to actual conditions, improve mechanisms, accelerate implementation, and made every effort to promote safety production.

We still have a long way to go to “curb serious accidents” and we must not be satisfied only with shouting the slogan or issue the documents. The meeting demanded all local authorities and departments to be problem-oriented, further improve their political stance and the overall planning mechanism, and further promote supervision and evaluation.

Especially in fishery, we must consolidate responsibilities and exert pressure at all levels, and establish a “port leader system” at fishing ports, a “captain system” for regional fishing boats, and a “seaway leader system” on sea channels under the responsibility of local government officials. We must comprehensively eliminate hidden risks and dangers, focusing on the check of ship stability and water tightness, fire-fighting and life-saving facilities, and setting and use of escape routes. We must accelerate digital empowerment and precision intelligent control, and promote the construction of precision intelligent control projects for fishing vessels and the construction of offshore intelligent control platforms. We must strengthen joint law enforcement and rigid law enforcement, speed up the establishment of “Joint Law Enforcement Headquarters for Marine Security” and severely crack down on various violations of laws and regulations.

Carrying out a general survey of production risks is the basic work for winning the battle of safety production. Based on the pilot projects of Luqiao of Taizhou and Pinghu of Jiaxing, the Provincial Safety Production Committee will assign a general survey of safety risks across the province, comprehensively determine the risk base, accurately control major risks, and build a long-term dynamic precaution mechanism.

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