Pakistan to cooperate with Huawei to train officials on digitalization

Pakistan to cooperate with Huawei to train officials on digitalization
2021/5/4 14:28:57 source:CGTN
The Pakistani government will cooperate with Chinese hi-tech giant Huawei in training over 1,000 officials to facilitate the digitalization of government organizations, thereby enhancing the efficiency of work and service delivery, the office of the president of Pakistan said in a statement on Monday.

Pakistani President Arif Alvi had a meeting on Monday with a Huawei delegation led by Li Xiangyu, the company’s vice president for the Middle East region. Alvi asked the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication to develop an action plan and set timelines for launching training programs for the government employees in fields like artificial intelligence, cloud technology and big data, said the statement.

The Pakistani president urged the ministry to come up with innovative ideas and enhance collaboration with Huawei for early realization of the Digital Pakistan initiative, it added.

During the meeting, Li said Huawei had contributed to Pakistan’s economy by providing 10,000 jobs and paying $120 million in taxes to the Pakistani government from 2018 to 2020, besides spending $6 million in supporting disaster-relief efforts of the government.

Li said Huawei had also helped foster Pakistan’s information and communication technology talents by providing 10,000 certifications till 2020, according to the statement.

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