International Forum on Water Security and Sustainable Development convened

The morning of April 22 witnessed the opening of the International Forum on Water Security and Sustainable Development in Nanjing. Vice Governor Pan Xianzhang addressed the meeting. Lei Mingshan, Chair of the Three Gorges Corporation delivered keynote speech.

Pan Xianzhang emphasized the strategic significance of water security, which is as important as food, energy, and ecology security and closely related to the well-being of people. As Jiangsu is the only province in China with big rivers, lakes, the sea, the provincial CPC committee and people’s government have always been taking water-related issues seriously. Following General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions of “giving priority to saving water, ensuring proper arrangement of space, adopting coordinated treatment, and relying on both the market and government”, Jiangsu has improved its overall planning and implemented comprehensive measures in a systematic way that led to continuous improvement in the capacity of water conservancy and the quality of water ecological environment, offering strong support for economic and social development. The forum, which was held in Nanjing this time, provided valuable ideas and solutions for Jiangsu with regard to developing reliable water-related projects and improving water ecology for all. It provided precious opportunity for us to learn from experts, scholars, and good practices of other areas. We will address the issue of development and security in a more coordinated way and build a smart water system that functions well in water disaster relief, water resource distribution, and water ecology protection, so as to contribute more to the writing of a new chapter in Jiangsu’s development.

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